Hello from the High School Starleague (HSL)! We are very excited for the upcoming school year and have some great events planned. In addition to our recent expansion into League of Legends and Dota 2, we will be using this season to experiment with a new format for playoff seeding, the POTENTIAL (depending on interest) addition of a European Division*,  and possibly some extra secrets depending on how things go.

*EU Schools read here

EU registration is up on the website at the moment alongside AM. Whether or not we will do an EU division this season is mostly determined by the number of schools that register from EU (need at least 10 for one division :D). It should be noted , however, that the long term existence of the Eu Division will depend largely on if we get any willing Europeans to help with some administrator roles for the division, primary among which would be answering questions on rules, resolving disputes, and a few other possible tasks. If interested in assisting, please email sc2(at)hsstarleague.com.


Season 3 Format:

          We plan for this season to mimic the style of the SK Planet Proleague, with 2 rounds of different format. Round 1 will be an All-Kill GSTL format, and Round 2 will be the Lineup-Proleague format. Each round will span approximately one semester (8-12 weeks).


Playoff Seeding

          Playoff seeding at the end of the year will be acquired by making it into the top 2 teams of your division in Rounds 1 or 2. If a team occupies a spot in the top 2 for both rounds then the next highest team in that division without a playoff seed will be given the Round 2 seed. Also, depending on the number of divisions and if this total gives us an even 2^n number of teams for the playoff bracket, we may also seed teams by their composite record and map score from the two Rounds.

There will be a new registration period for Round 2 to drop inactive teams and allow new interested teams to join. Any playoff seeding method we choose, even if we should change the current plan would be a plan in which it is possible to make it into playoffs even if you only played in Round 2.



This is a 3 step process. You must first register as a team coordinator, wait to be confirmed by an admin, and THEN you may register for specific events, such as the Season 3 Fall 2013 round.

1) Register on the website as a team coordinator.

Coordinator Registration Tutorial

2) After being approved and logging in, you can register for specific events, for example the Season 3 Fall 2013 round.

Event Registration Tutorial


FAQ: The TL;DR Edition

  1. Entry is FREE
  2. There are prizes
  3. All players should be from the same school. Exceptions can sometimes be made on a case by case basis. To see if you qualify for one, please email sc2(at)hsstarleague.com with details of your situation.
  4. Alumni can NOT play. If you’ve already graduated High School, please move on and go play in Collegiate Starleague, but thanks for the interest. <3

Full FAQ can be found here.



Registration closes on November 6th 2013 6:59 GMT (11:59 PST).

Round 1 begins on November 8th.

Full schedule can also be found here.


  1. Players must be currently enrolled in High School.
  2. Teams must have at least 4 players for Round 1. More is recommended though for substitutes in case some are unavailable to play.
  3. Teams can only* consist of players within one school.

*Note: If you do not have enough players at your school, please email sc2(at)hsstarleague.com with your school info and how many players you have so that we can potentially arrange to pair you with any nearby teams or free agents that we are aware of. This should serve as a last resort after having done all steps conveyed here in order to attempt to bolster your team’s numbers.


Teams will be grouped with other teams in the same region. Divisions will be posted shortly after the registration period has elapsed is complete.

Round 1 Format

          Round one will be played in an All-Kill Best of 7 format. First maps are set each week, losing team sends a new player in and the winning team does not change players until that player loses. The losing team also chooses the next map from the map pool and there are ]no map repeats allowed. Round 1 will also be played as a Round Robin. Teams will have the opportunity to play all the teams in their division before the conclusion of the round.

Tentative Round 1 Map Pool

Our selected maps are a mixture of GSL/OSL, WCS, and ladder maps.

Akilon Wastes
Bel’Shir Vestige
Whirlwind — all spawns enabled
Polar Night
Frost — all spawns enabled

Starting Maps by Week

  1. Week 1 = 11/8/2013 = Frost LE
  2. Week 2 = 11/15/2013 = Yeonsu
  3. Week 3 = 11/29/2013 = Whirlwind LE
  4. Week 4 = 12/6/2013 = Polar Night
  5. Week 5 = 12/14/2013 = Fruitland
  6. Week 6 = 1/10/2013 = Akilon Wastes
  7. Week 7 = 1/17/2013 = Bel’Shir Vestige
  8. Week 8 = 1/24/2013 = Frost LE
  9. Week 9 = 1/31/2013 = Yeonsu
  10. Week 10 = 2/7/2013 = Whirlwind LE


Full rules can be found below or here. It is expected of all team coordinators to thoroughly know the rules. If you have any questions regarding the rules or would like clarification, please email sc2(at)hsstarleague.com or contact a tournament admin through other means.


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